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    WebService data control data persistence issue




      We are using one Web Service data control on two jspx pages of application. The attributes from the data control are added on both the pages as data binding.


      Scenario:: We submit some data from Page1 using web service data control and move to Page2. Fill some data on Page2 and again submit the request to Web Service data control and after successful response move back to Page1. Same is repeated again and again for this scenario.


      Now the issue is, we submit some data from Page1, move to Page2, submit some data from Page2 and come back to Page1. If we repeat this process, then while submitting the data on Page1, the data that we submitted earlier on Page2 also get submitted, which is not expected. We only want to submit the data as per the binding on that page. Page1 is in unbounded taskflow and Page2 is in bounded taskflow.


      We have tried by setting possible values like :: CacheResults: false on iterator, Refresh condition: Ifneeded, UsePersistentStructure to false on data control. Also tried to reset and clear the data control using APIs and resetInputState on bindings. But nothing is working. The only method that is working is ClearForRecreate on Page1 iterator. But since its internal method this might not be good to use it. Also after using this we stated to receive intermittent error stating AttributeList$Itr can not be cast to String and some times argument is not an array exception.


      Please let me know, how i can ensure that correct data is sent to web service data control.


      Using JDev