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    exporting specific rows in  to excel


      hello... i tried to export 9 million records to excel using oracle sql developer ...after exporting the exported file size was 2.24 GB in csv format. i was not able to open that file because it exceeds the maximum size.

      Is there any way to export into multiple files ???


      I tried  these conditions during export in where.

      where rownum BETWEEN 1 AND 1048575- these worked fine

      where rownum BETWEEN 1048576 AND 2097150 - it dint work.


      The first condition worked fine and it exported upto  1048575.

      only the conditions starting from first row worked fine.second condition dint execute and it just came out.

      Do any one have idea for this ???

      then pls share it.


      I'm using  Version Build MAIN-09.87 in windows-7 32 bit machine.