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    RAC  Hardware Requirement


      Hello from Berlin!

      My company decide to invest into a RAC –solution. We run Oracle databases (11g), but now we need  a RAC –solution.  My task is now tomake a proposal– not a exact list of hardware but I need a feeling what is possible. There are already  postings about this subject, but from 2010, 2011. I need infos about current hardware, solutions.


      What we want:
      A RAC solution with 2 or 3  Nodes, the storage ,and   all the same on a other location (1 km away). So 2-3 Nodes one side with storage , 2-3 Nodes on the other side with own storage all synchronized.
      We want to install 12c EE on Oracle Linux 6.x.

      About the data:  I want to migrate ca. 8 TB data from 6  OLTP Database -Machines ( all about  30GB  - 50GB SGA per  instance, 2 TB disk ),


      Yes I know ,all   very inaccurate, but I have to start at one point. First step is to know a little bit about what is possible before we contact consultant an/or do the next steps.


      My questions:

      • What hardware is  good for 2-3 Nodes and yes,  we have money
      • So what hardware is  ok  (RAM, CPU, Network), what hardware do you have?
      • Oracle certified Hardware?  What certified  Hardware from Oracle (good value for money ) ?
      • Best practice?


      Thanks a lot! Any help/assistance on this object would be greatly appreciated


      Greetings from Berlin


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          Tushar Thakker

          Dear Michael,


          The decision will be based on few very important factors.


          1. How many concurrent users do you expect now and over period of 3-5 years

          2. Does your company have any particular Operating system agreements? Like you must use Windows, Linux or Solaris etc? Since if you are using Solaris, you will most likely go with Oracle (Sun) servers.

          3. Most important, how much data growth do you expect? Depending on this you can decide whether to invest in high-end, mid-range or basic storage.

          4. Since you will need licenses, anyway you are going to involve Oracle so take their advise as well. They might ask you to go for Exadata only due to the marketing strategy (of course it is powerful though) but be practical and weigh all options on hand.




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            Thanks a lot for you Answer Tushar!!!



            Here are my answers:

            1. there are about 100 concurrent users ,but in the future a lot more more. It is not a problem for us to buy 12c EE processor license, our CTO told me that

            he I have to buy processor license



            2. We use for our systems  Linux,   Open Suse 12  , we run Oracle 11g under  Open Suse 11.4.  But the newest server run under Oracle Linux 6.4

            So, if it is possible, we would like to use Oracle Linux



            3.at the moment for this case (migrating the 6 OLTP - databases ) we have about 8 TB Data, it grows every year   2 -3 TB (telephone call data). 

            I want to migrate ca. 8 TB data from 6  OLTP Database -Machines ( all about  30GB  - 50GB SGA per  instance, 2 TB disk )



            4. Exadata will not be the solution for us I think, yes they are powerful but  I think (maybe I am wrong)  for our case I is not a  good value for money.

            I think only for us, Exadata  - Machines are nice for a lot of solutions, but what can I get for the money of a Exadata-Machine? Maybe I am wrong ?!?



            Sorry for my bad  German-English ;-)



            Greetings from Berlin

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              I think You should check this matrix


              Oracle RAC Technologies Matrix for Linux Clusters

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                Tushar Thakker

                Dear Michael,


                Of course you would go for processor based license, not user based, the reason I asked number of concurrent users was for checking hardware requirement not licensing.


                Since your requirement if pretty high upto 10TB and with replication, backup etc it would reach decently high volume. Depending on what other products and volumes you have like exchange data, other document management systems etc, you should go for Enterpise storage like EMC etc. I strongly recommend to call HP, EMC, Oracle etc and brainstrom with them based on your other enterprise products. This will help you in the sense you can get storage, backup solution, replication solution etc from same or compatible vendors. Also you can negotiate more on pricing with bundle products. I can recommend something but to be honest, for enterprise level solutions you better not rely on forum replies but direct discussions with vendor.



                Tushar (ORA Training)

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                  Thanks again Tushar


                  Ok,  I understand that it isn't so easy and that I have to brainstorm with Oracle  for a suitable solution. I will contact  Oracle or a  Partner here in Berlin.

                  But Iet all know what they tell me


                  Have a nice rest week