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    Java 7 update 25 - Slowing down the login to application


      Hello All ,


      We facing slowness issues with out Web start application with the Java 7 update 25 ,(very slow to open the log in screen )


      After our investigation we see that now Java security has enabled the OCSP  and CRL check for signed certificate and this is what is causing slowness as each jar download is making


      a trip to Certificate Authority for validation .


      When we manually select on CRL method the reponse is much faster so in effect online verification with OCSP is adding the delay .


      This is our temp fix for the problem but we are looking for long term fix where if next Java release has only OCSP option then also we should not be affected . At this point though we are not sure of


      a way ahead .


      Has anybody faced this kind of problem after new Java update ?