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    LDAP Authintication invalid ACL


      Dear All,


      i am using apex 4.2 with latest apex listner,oracle database 11g R2 64 bit, windows 7, internet explorer 9.

      i want to configure ldap authintication.

      i am following the following blog


      i am stuck with the following line


      l_principal VARCHAR2(30) := 'APEX_040100'; -- upper case


      i have created the same trigger like below

       l_acl VARCHAR2(100) := 'ldapacl2.xml'; 
       l_desc VARCHAR2(100) := 'LDAP Authentication for ldap.hctsrvpdc01.hct.org'; 
       l_principal VARCHAR2(30) := 'APEX_040100'; -- upper case 
       l_host VARCHAR2(100) := 'ldap.hctsrvpdc01.hct.org';
      BEGIN -- Create the new ACL. -- Also, provide one starter privilege, granting the schema the privilege to connect. 
       dbms_network_acl_admin.create_acl(l_acl, l_desc, l_principal, TRUE, 'connect');  
       -- Now grant privilege to resolve DNS names.  
      dbms_network_acl_admin.add_privilege(l_acl, l_principal, TRUE, 'resolve');  
       -- Specify which hosts this ACL applies to. 
       dbms_network_acl_admin.assign_acl(l_acl, l_host);  

      but when i run it from sysdba, it give the following error

      ERROR at line 1:
      ORA-44416: Invalid ACL: Unresolved principal 'APEX_040100'
      ORA-06512: at "SYS.DBMS_NETWORK_ACL_ADMIN", line 252
      ORA-06512: at line 7


      how to fix this issue? what is the   l_principal VARCHAR2(30) := 'APEX_040100';??? how could i sure it is  APEX_040100?