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    Budgetary Control in Project Migration


      Hi Experts,


      I am migrating the projects from source to target using the API PA_PROJECT_PUB.CREATE_PROJECT.

      Have created the necessary templates in the target system. And the template also have the  Budgetary Control in it.


      My issue is when i migrate the projects data  using the correct template id using the above API it is creating all the necessary details except the

      budgetary control defined at the template level. But when i copy the template and create new project from it then it is copying the budgetary control details as well.

      i searched in the above API to find any flag or parameter which i am missing to pass but couldn't find anything.


      If anybody has come across this issue please help me to find  any setup or any specific parameter

      that i need to pass to copy the budgetary control details  when i use api.