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    Where is acl_employees.zip?


      I am wondering if anybody knows why the link provided under the How to Build an Access Control Page


      Download Spreadsheet Data

      Download the following *.csv file to your local system:

      1. In your Web browser go to:

      returns nothing for me!

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          Hilary Farrell-Oracle

          Hi Mehrdad,


          The link you have provided is to the APEX User's Guide for an old release, APEX 3.0.  Given that support for APEX 3.0 ran out in March 2010, I would hope that you're working with a more recent version of APEX.  With APEX 4.2, we introduced a suite of packaged applications, which consists of a suite of business productivity applications, as well as sample applications demonstrating some of the major features in APEX.   See 4.2 New Features for more details.  As part of this effort, the documentation was enhanced and associated collateral on OTN was cleaned up, which led to the removal of some of our older sample code snippets.  So it would appear that acl_employees.zip is one of those removed objects.  I would recommend referring to the latest version of the APEX User's Guide, specifically section 10.10 Controlling Access to Applications, Pages and Page Components, which covers the topic of building access control pages.  I hope this helps.