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    [self signed applet] How can I read/write the "sandbox"


      Greetings !!


      I need to write some files in the local user's directory. It has ever worked but, since the last java updates on the different client computer, now I can't access the local drive.

      I have always exceptions concerning "denied accesses".


      I modified the java.policy file with the "<<ALL FILES>>" option for read, write and execute.


      My question is: why suddenly there is no more way to write on the user's home directory  ? The applet on the web server hasn't changed.

      When I was making my first tries it was said "with a signed/self signed applet you can access the "sandbox" that is a limited workspace where you can read/write files"

      it worked good untill the beginning of the last week. The only alteration I saw was the version of the plugin.


      How can I fix the issue ?


      WorkingFolders.mkdirs(); // throws an exception (Access Denied write)


      FichierEcriture=new PdfStamper(FichierLecture,new FileOutputStream(WorkingFolders+"/pagedegarde.pdf")); // throws an exception (Access Denied write)


      Thank you in advance...