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    Error in Interfacing Project Invoices to AR - No Active Project Manager

    Prakash Khanchandani

      I am getting an error while transferring a projects invoice to AR.

      I am running concurrent program 'PRC: Interface Invoices to Receivables' program from a responsibility that was created as per the client project security requirements.

      The output  gives an error message - 'No Active Project Manager Found'.



      - The project manager is active on the project.

      - The person record of the project manager is active with an active HR assignment.

      - The project manager role is not end dated.


      When I run this same program from the standard Project Implementation Super User responsibility for the same project, the invoice gets interfaced to Receivables without any error.

      Why does this happen ?

      Is this concurrent program dependent on any menu / function / profile option ? If so, which one ?