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    modify pmcmd command generated by DAC


      Hi All,


      We need to modify pmcmd command generated by DAC. By default, the DAC generates pmcmd command with below options.


      pmcmd startworkflow -sv <integration service> -d <domain> -u <username> -p <password> -f <folder> -lpf <parameterfile> workflowname

      Now we need to add one more option called -rin (which runs particular instance).

      The requirement is, our source is having data of different region Appx - 20). Client wants to run load for a given region as and when required. If we go with creating different subject area and different execution plan, we will have total 20 set of EP and SA. Instead of going with this, we have decided to create concurrent workflow with region as Instance name, and run it  for a region. Now in DAC there will be only one workflow which will trigger UNIX Shell script, which will run for a given region.