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    4.2.2 Popup LOV - Theme Blue Responsive

    Tuan Nguyen-Oracle

      Using the Blue Responsive theme and would like to make the following changes to the popup lov (both in form and tabular form layout):


      1. Allow user to enter / editable (ie. email of a person lookup). Have the value check against the LOV; popup LOV window if there is more than one records return or cannot be found in the list. Currently, the setting for the LOV is 'Not Enterable, Show Display Value and Store Return Value'. Want the display value to display and not the return value (ie. id of the person).
      2. Once the value is return, the display value font color is gray (lighter than the rest of the non-popup lov fields). Where can I change the CSS for this?
      3. Would it be possible to have the 'Text Field with autocomplete' based on a named lov withe display and return value? For example, user enter email address, but store the person id ithe field.


      Any suggestion for fix / work around?