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    Unsubscribe from this


      I am getting notifiction for all the activities that happen on this community

      I dont want to get those mails.


      Can any bode tell me please hw to unsubscribe or change email address for getting notifications.

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          After you log in to the site, your username appears at the top corner of the page.

          Next to that is a down-arrow icon that lets you get to a list of various preferences for YOU as a forum user.


          On your preferences page you can try selecting 'No', 'No', 'No' to all the various choices.

          Then monitor what happens over the next few days.   You can go back and customize it as you learn what happens.


          Every one of us has had to spend time learning the new interface since the June software upgrade.

          There is no single magic button for the complex application.

          You need to spend time with it.