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    Problems with discover Nodes

      I have problems with autom. discover of nodes.The services Man.server and agent are started, but i get
      the errormsg:Discovery failed:VNI-4009: Cannot contact agent on the node.
      Can someone help me.
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          what os are you running?

          on my linux box, what i did was to delete *.q and services.ora from $ORACLE_HOME/network/agent then manually put in my instance in tnsnames.ora using the example used in http://www.mike-devlin.com/oracle/tnsnames_ora.htm. i made sure that the instance was up then ran lsnrctl start and agentctl start. OMS was able to discover my database automatically after that.

          i do have a feeling that you are using Win2k/XP, but the files i mentioned can be located in the same directory. instead of lsnrctl start and agentctl start, you can go to Administrative Tools>Sevices and start OracleOra92TNSListener and OracleOra92Agent

          i would recommend, however, trying to use netca when recreating the tnsnames.ora. it just didn't work with mine so i had to do it manually.