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    IP address for Bonds?




      Is it mandatory to assign a IP address to a Bond when created or when adding to a Vlan group or network? Also how are we going to tag a vlan to the virtual machine? I'm sorry, I am into vmware where we assign a Vlan to the virtual machine for production and management. I am little confused on how it is going to work in OVM.


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          The only networks I have IP'd are the management network, cluster heartbeat, storage network and migration network.  In my case, management and cluster heartbeat are the same network and storage and migration network are the same.


          Beyond those two IP'd networks, I have an additional 30 or so VLANs configured for virtual machine connections that have no IPs assigned.


          When you add a VNIC to a VM, you should have a dropdown that includes all of the networks defined for virtual machine connections presented to the pool you're creating the VM in.