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    OATM Issue in resizedb.sql




      We are in the process of upgrade from 11.5.9 CU2 to R12.1


      here I have struked in  OATM Post Migration step:

              Run Post Migration Steps

      1. Run audit report
      2. Enable constraints/triggers/policies & start queues
      3. Resize old tablespaces

      Note: Please complete refresh all the Materialized Views
            in Oracle Applications before using the system.

      [Q]uit        [B]ack

      Please enter your option -
      Invalid Option.
      Please enter your option -  3

      Resizing the datafiles of old tablespaces. This may take a while. Please wait...

      Error generating datafile resizing script /data/apps/testappl/fnd/11.5.0/bin/resizdb.sql

      Press Return key to continue...


      I have checked the resized.sql it is showing as:


      spool resizdb.log



      ERROR at line 1:

      ORA-01426: numeric overflow

      ORA-06512: at line 40


      Please suggest to resolve the issue.