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    Oracle apex creating access to pages based on particular roles


      Hi All.



      Am using Oracle Apex 4.2 version. I have created one custom authentication table,where am storing the username,password and role.

      Am using three different roles in my application -  Admin,Super & User,


      I have 7-8 tabs in my application,

      My doubt is that , I want to show a message if the user donot  have privileges to view particular page based on the role of the user who logged in.

      The same tab should be visible for Admin and Super. Where Admin can only have privileges to do functionalities on that tab,where the Super can only view the page related to that tab.


      Eg: Tab A should be visible for all the 3 users, but when 'User' clicks on the tab it has to show message that .,  'You donot have enough privileges '

            When Super user clicks on the tab A , he can view the page and can perform the functionlaties present on that.

            and when Admin clicks on that tab A, he can only view the page , he cant do any changes to that page


      I did one method, like I have created one application level item(item_a) and one application level computation where am fetching the role.

      I have used this application level item in where condition for the particular tab, that if Item_a = ADMIN .

      This method is working, but the tab is not visible for the rest of the two users.


      Kindly Can anyone please  help me in doing this.