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    IPS pkg install problem




      I am in receipt of 5 new shiney T4-1 Servers, pre-loaded with Solaris 11 which I am trying to configure up.


      Hitting an apparent snag when I look to do anything with IPS.


      Followed a series of instructions, which are in essence:


      1) Download the 2 part ISO files from Oracle.

      2) Cat the .iso files together to make a full repository iso.

      3) Mount the ISO as hsfs (/mnt)

      4) RSync the contents of the mounted ISO to a zfs location (/rpool/repository)

      5) Rebuild the repository location with 'pkgrepo rebuild'

      6) Check the repository contents with 'pkgrepo info'


      root@euripedes:/rpool/repository/repo/publisher/solaris/pkg# pkgrepo info -s /rpool/repository/repo


      solaris   4401     online           2013-07-04T11:02:08.212013Z


      7) Configure the publisher to local file-based:


      root@euripedes:/rpool/repository/repo/publisher/solaris/pkg# pkg publisher

      PUBLISHER                   TYPE     STATUS P LOCATION

      solaris                     origin   online F file:///rpool/repository/repo/


      Now, if I try and install ANY package, I get 100 returns of the following error message type:


      root@euripedes:/rpool/repository/repo/publisher/solaris/pkg# pkg install motif
                 Packages to install:  2
             Create boot environment: No
      Create backup boot environment: No

      DOWNLOAD                                PKGS         FILES    XFER (MB)   SPEED
      library/motif                            0/2       309/743      0.5/5.0   cache


      Errors were encountered while attempting to retrieve package or file data for
      the requested operation.
      Details follow:

      1: file protocol error: code: 2 reason: No file could be found for the specified hash name: 'a9e2b148c65eb17988a80f126eb4f4628c2c5ace'.
      Repository URL: 'file:///rpool/repository/repo'. (happened 4 times)


      The error lines above get repeated 100 times, with different hash name values.


      Whilst I have downloaded the files multiple times, checked the md5 checksums, re-installed the repository from the isos, I continue to get the same errors over and over (even trying other install targets).


      Is something getting corrupted, or I am missing something somewhere?



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          Glynn Foster-Oracle

          One thing to double check is the permissions on your repository. They should be something like the following:



          drwxr-xr-x 2 root root 6 Apr 30 16:19 catalog

          drwxr-xr-x 258 root root 258 Mar 5 00:33 file

          drwxr-xr-x 2 root root 87 Apr 30 16:23 index

          drwxr-xr-x 4423 root root 4423 Apr 14 23:51 pkg

          drwxr-xr-x 2 root root 3 Apr 30 16:19 tmp

          drwxr-xr-x 2 root root 2 Apr 14 23:51 trans


          Is your base system is Oracle Solaris 11 11/11 or Oracle Solaris 11.1?  Are you trying to use a the wrong repository version?

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            The version on the host is currently:


            root@euripedes:/rpool/repository# uname -a

            SunOS euripedes 5.11 11.1 sun4v sparc sun4v


            I did actually wonder whether (being pre-installed) it might have been a different version, but apparently not.


            The repository files I have downloaded were from edelivery.oracle.com, under Solaris SPARC, and had part tags of V35100-01 and V35101-01.


            I re-downloaded again today, went through all the same process. This time however, I have enabled a host service to serve the repository over http:


            root@euripedes:/rpool/ldoms/iso# svcs|grep server

            online         Jul_03   svc:/network/rpc/smserver:default

            online         Jul_03   svc:/milestone/multi-user-server:default

            online         Jul_03   svc:/application/pkg/server:default


            root@euripedes:/rpool/ldoms/iso# svcprop -p pkg/inst_root application/pkg/server



            PUBLISHER                   TYPE     STATUS P LOCATION

            solaris                     origin   online F http://localhost/



            Connecting via http to the host shows me the expected webpage with the repository information.


            Looking at the permissions in the repository locale; these appear to match what you have listed:


            root@euripedes:/rpool/repository/repo/publisher/solaris# ls -lrt

            total 988

            drwxr-xr-x 130 root     root         130 Sep 20  2012 file

            drwxr-xr-x 4403 root     root        4403 Sep 20  2012 pkg

            drwxr-xr-x   2 root     root           2 Sep 20  2012 trans

            drwxr-xr-x   2 root     root           6 Jul  5 12:55 catalog

            drwxr-xr-x   2 root     root           3 Jul  5 12:55 tmp

            drwxr-xr-x   2 root     root          83 Jul  5 13:00 index



            We currently have an issue going through Support. We have had to raise an SR to try and resolve getting our new CSI for the new kit onto our account; so not much help available from that direction just yet.   :-o

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              I have realised the error of my ways:  blindly following the documentation.


              A number of white paper/pdf documents that I have read through all appear to have had the command syntax:


              cat isoa isob > isoc


              This appears to have inadvertently caused the overwriting of what was in isoa by what is in isob - so you only actually end up with 1/2 of the repository!!


              I finally realised this when I actually took the step to mount each iso (Part A, Part B) individually and rsync'd the contents to the ZFS filesystem. I had noticed that the filesystem space usage was only about the size of the contents of one of the ISOs, and it eventually dawned on me! The resultant space used was then 6.4 GB I think as opposed to 3.6 GB previously.


              All appears to be "sorted" now.


              Thank you very much for your assistance and kind follow-ups.




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                Glynn Foster-Oracle

                Good catch. This has been tripping up a few people. We actually have different download choices in terms of downloading the IPS repository (due to various download restrictions and maximum file systems on some of our hosting servers). There is in fact 2 downloads - one are partial ISO images that can be merged together using cat, the other are individual ISO images that need to be mounted and rsync'd. We've got some proposals for changes coming down the track, so hopefully we can avoid this in future.