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    IE10 and Peopletools 8.53




      Anyone works on Peopletools 8.53 with IE 10 ?


      I have an issue on Windows 2008R2 64bit, IE10.0.9200.16618 and Windows 2012 64bit, IE10.0.9200.16599

      I'm on Peopletools 8.53.04, for instance when going to a node definition and click on save, it pops up a "saved" frame with ok button. But clicking on OK does not do anything, the frame does not go away.

      Well, it's not a big deal, those are servers, and are hardly use for browsing as client. Moreover there're not listed in the supported browsing clients in the My Oracle Support's certification matrix. Unfortunately, I have no chance to test on a supported Windows (7 and 8).

      So, I was curious if it's coming from the OS or if there's a setting somewhere in IE to turn on/off.


      That said, it works fine with Firefox 22.0 on the same OS.






      PS: works also fine on IE8 (Windows XP Pro SP3)

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          Hi Nicolas,


          I haven't tried it, but the latest Browser Compatibility guide says you have to use Compatibility or Quirks mode on IE10. It also says this is the default, but MS technet says it is only the default for Intranet sites. You can use the IE Developer Tools in the Tools menu to check which mode is being used. See http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/jj822325.aspx for more info.




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            Nicolas, I've replicated this on a server of mine (2008 R2) with IE 10.0.9200.16618.  This is due to higher security settings on the Internet security zone for IE installed on servers vs desktops.


            FQDN of PeopleSoft is part of the Intranet security zone on the server.


            I'm getting the enhanced security pop up right before the "Node Saved" modal window.  It indicates content for about:blank will be blocked.

            Adding about:blank to the "Intranet" security zone fixes it.  Alternatively you could probably disable enhanced security for the "Internet" zone or lower the settings from High to Medium-high which is what my default was on Windows 7.  That is, if group/local security policy will let you, because it would not for me.  I did not dig through the settings to find out which to change, but I would assume it's JavaScript related since that's the action that occurs when you click it.


            I do not get this behavior on Windows 7 with IE 10 by default.  I assume that is because the security settings will allow the JavaScript to close the modal to run even though about:blank is in the Internet zone.  By setting my Internet security to High, just like on the server, I can reproduce the problem on Windows 7.

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              Thanks for your replies.


              @Bob, I played a lot with Compatibility view/Quirks, but no more luck.


              @Randy, you got it right. All was about this about:blank security setting to be added in "local intranet". That should be acceptable workaround on the server, since it's not used for browsing except to finalize the install. I should remind it for further references.


              Thanks again,