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    HBRs migrating from EPM to

    Alvaro Soares

      Hi All,


                I am facing an issue migrating my HBR from to calc manager in

                I've migrating my HBRs from  to version and exported them to XML file checking the option "For Cacl Mgr" at EAS.

                When I've tried to migrate them to version I've got the following error :


      The import was not sucessful


      The plan type 'defPlan' on object 'HM14BDIP0005_BAL' is invalid. Please specify a valid parameters were found in the document for importing


               After look into the XML files, I've found that the app and database name was missing as follow :


      <statement id="-2" name="HM14BDIP0004" seq="1" type="template">
      <template_ref id="117" name="HM14BDIP0004">
      <property name="plantype">defPlan</property>
      <property name="application">defApp</property>

                 I've changed the part 'defApp' by the appname and defPlan by the databasename.  Wheen I've tried to import again just some rules are  imported but without any content.

                Should I have to apply some PSU to Planning and to Calc Manager applyting the patch set below ?

      Oracle Hyperion Planning
      - Patch Set Update (PSU): 16580429

      Pre-requisitos para o Patch 304
      -  Calculation Manager (patch 16384766)
      - Planning (patch 13905088)

      Pre-requisitos para aplicar o patch 300 do planning
      - Calculation Manager patch 13925741
      - Shared Services patch 14020629
      - EPM Workspace patch 13936087 

                 Does someone could help me on that ?