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    EPM install on Windows 7 64 bit laptop?


      Is it possible to have a working installation of EPM 11.1.2.x (Compact deployment ) on a Windows 7 64 bit laptop?

      I cannot buy Windows 2008 Server R2  license for  POC/learning instance. The trial version of it lasts only 6 months.

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          Option 1:


          Yes, you can...  There is one more options also there.....


          Option 2:

          If you using Windows 7 Professional environment means, please install the "Windows Virtual PC", by default it will comes with "Windows XP - 32 bit". On top of that, install the Hyperion 11.1.2.x 32 bit version and play.


          Note : There is separate downloads available for "Windows virtual PC" for Windows 7 Home etc..


          Option 3:


          Recently, Oracle has released the OBIEE SampleApp V305 - Linux Image.  Download and Play...




          Virtual Box configured with the below Software's:


          Oracle Linux 5.9 64 bit


          Oracle Database

          Oracle TimesTen

          Oracle Endeca 3.0


          APEX 4.2, Listener 2.0.1

          R 2.15.1, ORE 1.3

          R Studio Server 0.97

          Java SE Development Kit 7u17

          SQL Developer 3.2.20

          SampleApp V305 Content


          Note : For this sample Demo, min 8 GB RAM and 52 GB HDD space is required


          Hope i gave the multiple options for you, choice is yours. All the best....


          Please let me know if you requires any help....




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            It is not supported on Windows 7 and there is no guarantee it will work, you can try installing on Windows 7 though if you experience problems then stick with a supported OS.