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    Apex Bug in Tabular Form Wizar w. ApplyMRU


      Hello ,

      we're testing Release Patch after upgrading from v. 4.02. to 4.22 ( Database server is11.2.0.3 on Linux x86_64) and our Apex Developer /Tester runs into an error when applying a multirow update in a tabular form


      The error can be located in the internal Apex routine where a sequence no ist generated :

      - the update statement itself is correct  and contains the schemaowner.object notation but the generated SQL for the ApplyMRU uses a wrong syntax  where the schema owner is missing; The cursor is invalidated .


      ...Process "ApplyMRU" - Type: MULTI_ROW_UPDATE

      ......Row 1: update "HI_FRM"."BMT_TEMP_KONSTITUENT" set "ID_POSITION" = :b1, "NAMEKURZ" = :b2, "PROZ_ANTEIL" = :b3, "ID_BENCHMARK" = :b4 where "ID_POSITION" = :p_pk_col


      ...Execute Statement: declare function x return varchar2 is begin begin for c1 in ( select "SEQ_BMT_TEMP_KONSTITUENT".nextval pk from sys.dual ) loop return c1.pk; end loop; end; return null; end; begin



      ORA-20987: APEX - Fehler beim Berechnen des Standardwertes für Spalte ApplyMRU. -

      ORA-06550: Zeile 3, Spalte 46: PL/SQL:

      ORA-02289: Sequence ist nicht vorhanden.

      ORA-06550: Zeile 3, Spalte 38: PL/SQL: SQL Statement ignored

      ORA-06550: Zeile 5, Spalte 45: PLS-00364: Die Benutzung der Schleifen-Indexvariablen 'C1' ist ungültig

      ORA-06550: Zeile 5, Spalte 38: PL/SQL: Statement ignored Backtrace:

      ORA-06512: in "APEX_040200.WWV_FLOW_ERROR", Zeile 861

      ORA-06512: in "APEX_040200.WWV_FLOW_ERROR", Zeile 896

      ORA-06512: in "APEX_040200.WWV_FLOW_PROCESS", Zeile 917

      ORA-06512: in "APEX_040200.WWV_FLOW", Zeile 8428

      There are also other Tabular Forms where the schema owner is not missing but wrongly quoted which results in ORA-00972 identifier too long (then the string  looks  like "HI_FRM.SEQ_BMT_TEMP_KONSTITUENT").

      When reading the Readme to Patchset Patch one would assume the Bug "14775149 Tabular Form Wizard: Parse Err: ORA-00972: identifier is too long" had been fixed but it looks like it's still there.


      Any ideas what we could do ?