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    The transaction managers PODAMGR,INVTMRPM,RCVOLTM  not coming up


      The concurrent managers PO Document Approval Manager,Receiving Transaction Manager and INV Remote Procedure Manager in R12.1.3 are not started properly. All other managers are running fine without any issues.


      The internal concurrent manger log file shows the following

        "Routine AFPEIM encountered an error while starting concurrent manager PODAMGR. The manager is not able to start properly.  The manager has been put on a SYSTEM HOLD to allow the system administrator to address the issue.

      When addressed, the "Fixed" button on the Administer Managers screen can be pressed to restart the manager."


      We tried the following didn't help. This issues is only in PROD. All other environments like Dev/TST works fine no issues.


        Stop all middle tier services including the concurrent managers

      Stop the database.

      relink the following libraries


      $ adrelink.sh force=y link_debug=y "fnd FNDLIBR"

        $ adrelink.sh force=y link_debug=y "fnd FNDFS"

        $ adrelink.sh force=y link_debug=y "fnd FNDCRM"

        $ adrelink.sh force=y link_debug=y "fnd FNDSM"

        Ran the  the CMCLEAN.SQL script


      We found the hit in metalink 1413393.1. to apply the patch Patch: 12923944:R12.FND.B. But this issue occurs only in PORD.. but none of the other Dev environments so we don't want to apply this patch and introduce new issues.


      Greatly appreciated any help on this.