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    How to skip required field validation on exit




      i am using a tab form to add new user data in my VO/DB. I have set few fields to be required to remind users that they need to put this fields.

      When user forgets to enter data on those fields a proper warning its show up as expected. Now my problem is, when a user change she/hes mind about adding a new patient,

      and want to close or change the tab, the validation is still popping messages. I want validation only to be present while clicking the "Add new pattient" button and not when playing around

      with tabs. Keep in mind the required fields is set only in the field's properties and not in VO/DB's settings. How can trigger validation for required fields only when the button is press?


      thanks in advance.


      *(Using Oracle Jdeveloper 11g Release 2 - JSF Pages - ADF components)