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      From the time that I upgraded to Windows 8, I get the message at logging: "You are using an outdated web browser. For a list of supported browsers, please reference the Oracle Application Express Installation Guide." Going to Oracle Application Express Installation Guide does not help much. It just tell me that the required browser is Windows Internet Explorer 7 or higher. Windows 8 ships with explorer 10, which is higher than explorer 7! So, my browser meets the requirements. How do resolve the issue.

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          Short answer: Use a none IE browser such as Chrome, Firefox etc.


          Long answer:

          Looks like there is a bug in the browser detection in the application builder.

          What is probably happening is that the builder thinks you are using IE1 instead of IE10.

          And IE1 being older then IE7 you get the outdated browser message.



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            Thanks you were helpful.

            Tell me though, how do I tell APEX to load on Google Chrome instead of Windows internet explorer. I have chrome, but APEX loads on IE10 as it always did. I somehow have to tell it change to chrome.

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              I always start the apex builder from my bookmarks so my browser of choice is already open.


              Look at the target of the shortcut you use to open apex.

              Try if the url opens in Crome if you put the location of chrome.exe in front of the url.

              Something like C:\Users\Owner\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe http:apex_url


              I haven't tried it myself but found the idea searching the web for "start link in specific browser".