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    OAF Performance Issue - Control not coming back to browser


      Hello All,


      Need some help with this OAF related performance issue -

      On a given OAF page on click of a button we want some backend pl/sql logic to be implemented . So we capture this event in controller processformrequest method and from the Controller we invoke the below mentioned logic in AM by calling the appropriate method.



      In this method in the AM Logic Using callable statement we call package.procedure as below : pkg1.procedure1


      Then we set the input and output parameters and finally do - cstmt.execute(); ( to execute the logic in pkg procedure )



      Then check the p_status output variable if value is E then rollback otherwise if Sucess S then commit


      oatran.rollback(); OR oatran.commit(); Finally we close the connection using : cstmt.close();



      Once we are done with this database calling logic, the control would ideally come back to Controller and here we do pageContext.forwardImmediatelyToCurrentPage so that we load the same page again so that its shows the Refreshed values.





      Issue : Now we are seeing that the database package procedure call runs fine and data gets commited into the tables as expected without taking much time , but the same page on which the button was clicked takes time to reload or Times Out with Time Out error..



      We wanted some help as to how we could find what is happening when the page is trying to re load again , is there a way this could be traced or debugged from OAF perspective. ,,please do let us know as we are currently stuck with this issue.



      It's the reload of the page which is showing performance issues and timing out or taking lot of time...that is what we suspect..could someone please assist.


      Many Thanks