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    APEX 4 trigger dynamic action from Report


      I have an application that queries and displays a report, and has a column link to a custom url.  I do not want to trigger the dynamic action to open the custom url on Page Load.  I am unable to find another way to trigger the url.  In my Apex Report I seem unable to successfully find a DOM object or jquery Selector that will trigger my dynamic action. I don't have any items I can refer to.


      Event:  Click

      Selection Type:  I have tried jQuery Selector and DOM Object, but unable to find accurate entry to enter into field

      Condition:  No Condition....perhaps if I knew what condition to enter this may help.


      True Action:  Execute JavaScript Code

      Fire when event result is true

      Code:  javascript:popUp2($v('P1_URL'), 900, 900);


      That's it, it seems simple enough, but it won't fire, unless I click the Fire On Page Load button.


      I tried to set the Event to Click and the Selection Type to Region, however, it will trigger the Dynamic Action anytime I click anywhere in the region, not only when I click a specific row. 


      Thank you.