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    webcam in oracle forms


      Hi , I need to make a form in Oracle 11g to capture image by system inbuilt webcam and  then save it into a database.

      and I am not able find any PJC that support JMF.

      Can it be done by using webutil and How ..Please hlp as asap..

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          OK, please clarify what "PJC" & "JMF" are & explain what they have to do with Oracle database.



          How do I ask a question on the forums?


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            Mark Frankenfield-Oracle


               I honest do not think you are going to find a JMF Bean (It doesn't have to be a PJC to work with forms) unless either:


            A) The manufacture of the the video/webcam source provides a generic bean.

            B) You write your own, which is kinda of the point of the PJC model.  You can write your own java code to extend forms in various methods that it doesn't already support.


            That said, the only way webutil would really be of help to you, is that if there is a windows DLL/API that same said manufacture provides, you would use that in a similar manner as if there were a JMF based bean.

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              This is not an oracle database forum. It's an oracle forms forum. Sounds like a perfectly reasonable question to me.


              Here we have an applet based technology that should be able to handle jmf according to this (but does it?)



              "The Java Media Framework API (JMF) enables audio, video and other time-based media to be added to applications and applets built on Java technology. This optional package, which can capture, playback, stream, and transcode multiple media formats, extends the Java 2 Platform, Standard Edition (J2SE) for multimedia developers by providing a powerful toolkit to develop scalable, cross-platform technology."