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    Creating user defined pay items in a complex PO which will be created from an Approved requisition




      We want to create user defined pay items in a complex PO which will be created from an Approved Requisition.

      User will select the approved Req. through WebADI and update the pay Items which will be uploaded and a complex PO will be created with user defined Pay Items.

      Approach 1:

      The API po_interface_s.create_documents is running good but there is one issue with this API as below.


      When we add user defined pay items to the po_lines_locations interface table against a line they are also getting added to the complex PO correctly.

      But the issue is coming when the API is creating default shipment lines and distribution which we dont want.


      Is there any way to stop creating the default pay items and distributions?

      We only want the shipments we have entered in the po_lines_locations interface.


      We can delete the lines from the PO_line_locations and po_distributions base tables for the default lines but that will be the last option to do delete on base tables.


      Approach 2:

      We can also do the same with the open PO import interface but it is not linking the complex PO to the approved requisition from which it is created.

      Oracle mentioned that this is a future enhancement and this functionality is not available in standard PO import prog.

      We are trying for Approach 1 so any suggestions/solutions are appreciated to achieve the requirement.