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    Database Performance issue


      Dear Experts,


      i got into database performance problem from application users(end users). they are saying that response time of the query is taking 90 seconds and earlier it was 5 seconds.


      i logged into the database and verified the query execution time fired by the user. i did see none of the query is taking more than 5 seconds to complete.

      i am not sure why the customer is seeing long response time as 90 seconds. where is another 85 seconds are spending.


      could any one please provide some pointers where to look for the problem.



      what is the best way to find how much data is being sent to app servers?

      how to find network issues from db server to app server?

      also i did see multiple sql_plan_hash_values for single sql_id, would that be a problem? even though i have multiple execution plans, i did see query is not taking more than 5 seconds to complete at database side.