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    Real time jobs Deadlock issue in edq-cds-9.0.4.(645)



      I have installed EDQ(edq-9_0_8_(1103)) and EDQ-CDS pack (edq-cds-9.0.4.(645)).

      I have imported the edq-cds project after completign the initialization of refrence data.But when trying to run the Job Start All , only few jobs gets started and others are in deadlock waiting for process to be released.

      When i debugged it seems like same process

      • Match Results - Prepare
      • Cluster Realtime

      are used by both Rela time  individual and entity jobs.



      Is anyone facing the same issue?



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          Apologies for the late response. All forum watch notifications were disabled in the forum migration and we were not made aware.


          The reason for this is that the jobs have to be run with a run profile and run label in order to ensure the various jobs that share processes do not lock each other out. This is in the documentation. The Director UI is for design and jobs should not be started from here except by scheduling. Please run the jobs with the right run profile and run label from the Server Console UI following the CDS documentation.