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    Combination Line Scatter Plot, Or, Scatter With Trend Marker

    K Cannell

      Hello All,


      I have a need for a combination line and scatter plot in APEX 4.2 ...

      seems like AnyChart can do this now ..


      Scatter Plot: Combination of Line and Marker Charts</title> <link href="../styles/sample-toolbar.css"…


      And it seems like as of APEX 4.2 we still cannot do this, though I have seen reference in this forum to an enhancement request for the next release (thank you Hilary)

      In the meantime, I need to so something ...


      The need is for a set of guidelines - a peaked box, for example - to clearly illustrate points in and out of quality bounds.  In our case the solid lines are constant for all plots.  The Scatter points and series will change according to data.

      In addition, the guide or trend lines are not horizontal or straight  - they form a peak, like the roof of a house.

      I could use trend lines, or I could use thresholds (background shading).  So far I cannot see how to build a peaked trend line, or a peaked threshold area.  Is this possible>  I am still looking.





      Thank you,


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          K Cannell

          I figured it out, and just made a simple line - scatter plot.


          The trick is, start with the Line chart, multiple series, then edit one or more of the series to Marker using the Series Type select list.

          When you start with a Scatter Plot, though this may be closer to what you want in the end, the Series Type select list is not there.

          Reason: The query format for a scatter plot is different - one cannot dynamically change the series type unless the same query format applies.

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            K Cannell

            I found a better way for this specific case.

            I really want a scatter plot, because I want all points plotted and it is nice to have the legend generated automatically.


            Instead of plotting the "frame" lines as line series,

            I used a background image for the static "frame: lines, added the background image with the <data_plot_background> tag,

            and I added set bounds for the X and Y axis, ensure the plot area is the same each time - which is what I want for this chart:



                      <fill enabled="True" type="Image" image_url="./CustomCharts/Frame_Background.png" image_mode="Stretch" />



            The combination of image_mode = "Stretch" and a set image size ensures my frame lines will line up as they should.

            Eliminates a lot of custom code just to generate a scatter-line plot.