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    Warnings about expired certificate in Java console, even though certificate is not expired.


      I'm seeing warnings about expired certificates in the Java console in my WebStart app, but the certificate is not actually expired (it has been renewed in Apr.2013 and will expire in 2016). The parent certificates in the chain will expire much later (2026 and 2031). The applet still runs because it is timestamped within the valid time period. I have deleted the Java cache and certificate cache, and reinstalled Java, Java version is 1.7.0_25-b17, no difference.


      Is this a known issue?


      Here's the excert from the console, unfortunately I havent found a way to switch output to english:


      security: Das Zertifikat ist abgelaufen. Zeitstempelinformationen müssen geprüft werden (-> The certificate has expired. Time stamp information must be checked)

      security: Zeitstempelinformationen verfügbar -> (Time stamp information available)

      security: Das Zertifikat ist abgelaufen und trägt einen Zeitstempel des gültigen Zeitraums (-> The certificate has expired and has a time stamp of the valid time range)

      security: Prüfung des TSA-Zertifikatpfads starten (-> Start checking of TSA certificate path)

      security: Das Zertifikat ist zwar abgelaufen, trägt aber einen Zeitstempel aus dem gültigen Zeitraum und weist eine gültige TSA auf (The certificate has expired, but has a valid time stamp from the valid time range and has a valid TSA).


      Any ideas how to fix this?