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    Calendar item link bug

    ABD - DBA

      I created a Calendar page using the Easy Calendar with an edit page.  Wizard created Calendar on page 8 and Edit item page on 9.  If I go the Calendar Attributes:Column link, I see it set to Page in Current Window, page 9, Set values P9_ID,P9_EVENT_DATE_TMP with #PRIMARY_KEY_VALUE#,#DATE_VALUE#.


      If I hover over an item, I'm not seeing the P9_EVENT_DATE_TMP being set or value being passed.



      It only shows P9_ID.  I discovered this because I wanted to pass another global variable, CALLING_PAGE as the edit page was going to be called by more than one page.




      But when I change it, it only passes the CALLING_PAGE




      What is going on????



      Application Express oracle 11gr2