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    upgrade issues - EMGC 12c from to

      This is on RHEL 5.7 x86_64.
      Running GUI upgrade of EMGC 12c from to following the one-system upgrade. Receive the following during apply of required one-off patches:
      Unable to continue with the installation because some one-off patches could not be applied successfully. To resolve this issue, review the following log file /app/oracle/product/OMSv12102/oms/cfgtoollogs/opatch.


      Some digging in one of the installAction<date>.log files revealed the following:
      INFO: ERROR STREAM: UtilSession failed: Patch 14138257 requires component(s) that are not installed in OracleHome.
      These not-installed components are oracle.as.common.clone:,
      INFO: Patch : 14680166
      INFO: Bug Superset of 13713541
      INFO: Super set bugs are:
      INFO: 13631331, 13596359, 13490434
      INFO: Skip these patches because they are subset of other patches in the list: 13713541
      INFO: Proceed with these patches: 14138257 14320300 13997369 14680166 13788861 14049150 13952743 14199825
      INFO: Log file location: /app/oracle/product/OMSv12102/oms/../oracle_common/cfgtoollogs/opatch/opatch2013-06-26_14-31-01PM_1.log
      INFO: OPatch failed with error code 73
      We have added more space although there was always at least 10Gb free when install fails.
      For our last attempt, space free before install is 30Gb;  space free when this dies is 21Gb.
      Any suggestions?