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    Error on Import of Application - empty p_default_sort_column_sequence

    V Rickert

      Hello all:

      I am trying to import an application from one server to another.  The export worked, but when I try to import the application, I get the following error:


      GET_BLOCK Error.

      ORA-20001: Execution of the statement was unsuccessful. ORA-06550: line 17, column 15: PLS-00103: Encountered the symbol &quot;&gt;&quot; when expecting one of the following: . ( ) , * @ % &amp; - + / at mod remainder rem &lt;an exponent (**)&gt; and or || multiset <pre>declare s varchar2(32767) := null; begin s := null; wwv_flow_api.create_report_columns ( p_id=&gt; 7129624160625571 + wwv_flow_api.g_id_offset, p_region_id=&gt; 7128236561625563 + wwv_flow_api.g_id_offset, p_flow_id=&gt; wwv_


      I discovered that the import file contains the following:



        s varchar2(32767) := null;


      s := null;

      wwv_flow_api.create_report_columns (

        p_id=> 7129624160625571 + wwv_flow_api.g_id_offset,

        p_region_id=> 7128236561625563 + wwv_flow_api.g_id_offset,

        p_flow_id=> wwv_flow.g_flow_id,

        p_query_column_id=> 14,

        p_form_element_id=> null,

        p_column_alias=> 'INV_TOTAL',

        p_column_display_sequence=> 13,

        p_column_heading=> 'Inv Total',




        p_sum_column=> 'N',

        p_hidden_column=> 'N',


        p_is_required=> false,

        p_pk_col_source=> s,

        p_print_col_width=> '2',




      As you can see, 'p_default_sort_column_sequence=', has no data attached to the column, causing the import to fail.  This code is generated by APEX so I'm not sure where and why this variable would be populated.  How can I fix this?  Any ideas?