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    Filter LOV based on two column

    amit srivastava

      Hello All,


      I got a requirement to filter LOV in oracle forms based on two column. Suppose, in the LOV I am showing Customer Name, Customer Number.

      So if I enter any thing in text box the value will be validated against customer Name, suppose user enters Number then the LOV should display results based on Customer number.


      Please suggest, it that possible ?



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          >I am showing Customer Name, Customer Number

          Look at the % in the search field. If you start typing JOHN the LOV search field will show JOHN%. To search on the customer number, the user has to enter %10 (so, start typing AFTER the %).

          This is the default LOV behaviour. If you want something else, you can create a Form that acts as an LOV. In that case you can control the where clause to search in both customer_name and customer_number.

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