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    FDMEE Import script (v.


      Has anyone figured out to write a script on an import format in the new FDMEE. I thought I had read that feature is going to be unavailable in the GA release, figured I would post the question.



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          There is no option for writting import scripts in GA release of FDMEE. Event scripts and Import scripts will be part of Patch set 1 which will be released by the end of this month. Events scripts are supported in both VB and Jython whereas Import scripts are only supported in Jython.

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            Thanks. Thats consistant with what I've heard.

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              We have tried and tested the import scripts in FDMEE. PFB a small snippet.


              def ISCR_CORP_ACCOUNT_IN (strField, strRecord):



                if len(strField) > 6:

                    return strField[-2:]


                    return "[None]"

                if strField[:1] == "0" and ([strField[-2:] == "30" or strField[-2:] == "31" or strField[-2:] == "32" or strField[-2:] == "33" or

                strField[-2:] == "71" or strField[-2:] == "72"]):

                   return "OTHERFEEINCOME"


                    return strField[:6]