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    Oracle EBS - How to technically practice?


      hi all, kindly need your help here.


      I’m a totally new user to Oracle E-Business Suite. I’m in the process of learning and familiarize myself with this application currently. Because in the future I might need to develop (configuration, personalization, extension, customization) the Oracle E-Business Suite - specifically Financial Application.


      I got a few question to ask over here


      1. Example: in Java, I can code, compile and run source code in a desktop as long as suitable IDE/environment provided. So if I want to do the same practice for training and “developing” E-Business Suite, is it I need to install the (the very big application)E-Business Suite (together with all development tools) in my desktop environment too?
      2. Is there any application for testing and learning purposes for E-Business Suite developer? Because I need real practice instead of theories itself only.
      3. Is there any other way or technique that I can used for coding practice purposes? Please kindly suggest.


      Thanks in advanced.