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    manual on load after header fetch

    Mahdi Ahmadi

      hi experts,

      I'm using APEX 4.2 on Oracle 11g

      I want to have a multi-fetch from different tables, I'm using code below to fetch:

      select ename, job, sal, owa_opt_lock.checksum('SCOTT','EMP',ROWID)
      into :p1_ename, :p1_job, :p1_sal, :p1_checksum
      from emp
      where empno = :p1_empno;


      But Nothing show in my fields,

      when I click on "session" link on "developer bar" I can see values that fetched but not shown on fields,

      I changed the source of my items to "Static Text" rather than database column. but still not working.

      any ideas?