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    Agent port confilct even after removing agent in ODSEE11.1.1.7


      Hello All,

      I am facing DSCC agent 3997 port conflict when we try to register agent to DSCC host after removing old agent with out any errors.


      Port (3997) is already in use by
      [install path (old)/var/dcc/agent] on this hostname

      So [install path (new) /var/dcc/agent] has not been registered in DSCC
      on xxxx1.



      Steps were followed to remove agent:


      Unregister server
      $ dsccreg remove-server -h dscc-host -p dscc-registry-port /local/dsInst

      Delete the server instance.
      $ dsadm delete /local/dsInst

      Unconfigure and Remove the DSCC Agent directory server
      $ dsccagent stop
      $ dsccreg remove-agent -h dscc-host -p dscc-registry-port
      $ dsccagent delete

      and I faced issue when I try to register agent again.


      Did I miss anything?


      Thanks in advance.