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    Pass Multiple Parameter in BI Publisher


      Dear All,

             I am new to BI Publisher. In that i need some solutions based on below requirement,


           We need to trag login details , like who is login to the bi publisher, in that after login we need to moniter what are the things they done like what are the filter option they select we need to take those details and insert into our local history table,for that i wrote package and function from plsql at the end of the day i need to take history information from the table and i send mail to auditing people.

      In that actually i have two table

      1. Parent Table

      2. Child Table



      In Parent Table, I have Id,Name,Start Time

      In Child Table , I have Id which referes foregin key of parent table  , Field Name,Field Value

                               In that Field Name , i need to insert in which Filter the end user select to filter in bip report.

                               In Fiedl Value , I Need to insert what are the values they are given to filter the bip report

      The end user can select multiple also at one time based on that i need take information and insert into table.

      Please Help !!!



      Thanks To all ..