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    It is possible to reuse the obfuscated password from a dads.conf in the apex listener?


      Hello there,


      Little by little we are moving to the APEX 2 listener, good! But the problem is that every time that somebody ask me for a new set up I have the same problem:


      1. I go to one of our DBAs (nice guys by the way!) and ask, "may I have the password for the APEX_PUBLIC_USER of this DB"?
      2. The password is obfuscated, so the answer is: it needs to be changed => delay in the setup => unhappy users...


      I have tried a classic copy and paste, this is take the obfuscated password from the dad and put it in the <entry key="db.password">, but of course it did not work, sigh...


      Any thoughts on this?


      Thanks in advance,