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    Deploy project error ORA-01008


      I have a project based on GWT, Hibernate and Oracle 11g. It runs and connects with database in Eclipse,

      but when I deploy it and start in Apache Tomcat, there is an error


      JDBCExceptionReporter SQL Error: 1008, SQLState: 72000

      JDBCExceptionReporter ORA-01008: not all variables bound


      And my project fails at startup.

      How can I fix it?
      Maybe I should change some properties in Tomcat?


      And I have xmlparserv2.jar. During the compilation I remove it from the build path because the compilation fails.
      But when I deploy my project, I add it. What this jar is use for?


      Hibernate 3.0
      Oracle Database 11g Express Edition Release 2

      Apache Tomcat 7.0

      Eclipse  Indigo 3.7.0




      Thanks in advance, Olga