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    Oracle Payable issue r12




      This is on r12.1.   I have got following requirement  to change the GL account combination for Payable invoices.


      we have been charging work done for us by vendors for a project, and all payable invoices go to the GL Account 101.64103.00000.0000


      Now that this project is closed.  All vendor invoices need to re route to a new GL account 101.61100.95000.0000


      Please advise how and where exactly I make this change so that future payable invoices for a given vendor go to the new GL Account.





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          While creating PO you are giving Charge Account in that.

          earlier you are giving charge account as 101.64103.00000.0000.

          now tell to Purchasing Team while creating Project PO's using this code combination as a charge account 101.61100.95000.0000.

          So that it will go to that same account in GL - 101.61100.95000.0000.

          but for existing balance  in this account (101.61100.95000.0000.)  you need to pass manual jv to this account 101.61100.95000.0000.


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