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    How to change image position in PanelStrecthLayout  using css?


      Hi All,


      I am using JDeveloper


      My Scenario is I need to show the image front of the Panel Stretch Layout .I tried to set like Style Class and change the Z-index but it's not working ,


      My Design Like :


      <af:panelStretchLayout id="psl3" inlineStyle="background-color:red" styleClass="ImageStyle">

                            <f:facet name="center">

                              <af:panelStretchLayout id="psl2" topHeight="40px"


                                <f:facet name="center">

                                  <af:panelGroupLayout id="pgl3" layout="vertical"

                                                       inlineStyle="background-color: Green">

                                    <af:panelGroupLayout layout="vertical" id="pgl4"   inlineStyle="margin-top:10px;margin-left:10px;background-color:Green">          








      My CSS Codes :



      background-image: url("../img/sampleimage150x100.png");


      background-repeat: no-repeat;


      How to show image in-front of the layout not it's hiding behind the layout ...