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    Spliting lines in IExpense




      I have a requirement which is list below with example. Since I am new to iExpense module, I am ravenously looking forward to your assistance.


      Suppose a user enters two lines for his two different travels for Allowance category to create iExpense report and click on submit button.

      Trip1:   Duration 1-May-2013 to 10-May-2013, Amount 2000 USD

      Trip2:   Duration 1-Aug-2013 to 15-Aug-2013, Amount 3000 USD


      My requirement says whenever trip is in future date, the expense report should split into two in such way that original expense report has only lines which are less than todays's date (SYSDATE) and another expense report should be created with "-1" postfixed to original iExpense' report number with DRAFT version for future dated trip. the above example, in system it should appearing like this after submitting the report.


      Trip 1: Expense report number: E001, Duration 1-May-2013 to 10-May-2013, Amount 2000 USD,

      Trip 2: Expense report number: E001-1, Duration 1-Aug-2013 to 15-Aug-2013  Amount 3000 USD


      Waiting for your response.


      Thank you