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    How to get current active tab (Detailitem)




      i have searched everywhere and still can't find a solution for such simple task. I want to get the current active Detailitem value (af:showDetailitem) from a panelTabbed (using java class)


      Working on Jdeveloper,


      can you help me please?

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          Subramanian Meyyappan

          Hi user,


            have a bean try to bind the Showdetailitem have a disclosure listener use setdisclosed property true or false according to switching. if you click sdi2 means make true other than else false.

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            Was hoping something more abstract solution, like getting the current instances of active tabs and find out what is the active at that running moment. Ah well, its 2013 and still disappointed by Java.


            Thanks a lot for your help Subramanina, i used something similar to your suggestion:


            1) i have change my main function, and set it to accept a string (that will be the tab's id) for my purpose

            2) on each tab, i add a disclosure event function. Inside that, i just simply save the tab's id on a private variable. So when ever

            i want the current active tab id, i just get that variable's value.

            3) PartialTrigger the panel with tabs


            Almost the same solution with yours, just mine is less professional since i lost you there