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    Question regarding clearEntityCache.


      Hi All,

      I have a scenario like this.

      DepartmentsVO and EmployeesVO(both are entity based) with a view link and departmentsVO is shown as a treetable. At each rootnode i have a checkbox which will autoselect the checkboxes for all the childs(selection of departments would autoselect all the employee under that). for achieving this, i have created a transient attribute at EmployeesEO and i am updating it.Now the  problem is that the selection is retained everytime i come back to the screen with out saving the previous changes(the selection of the department and employees).I want to cleartheCache everytime user comes to this page if there are any pending changes.i tried with am.Transaction.clearCahe(eoname). But its throwing exception saying that there are modified records.


      How do i refresh the parent and child vo to the database values by ignoring the previous changes?