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    EA1 - Right gutter scroll bar in the Code Editor doesn't work?


      SQL Developer version, Windows XP


      I'm opening package body in Code Editor. In previous version of SQL Dev after pressing CTRL and moving mouse over the right gutter I could see a few lines of the code from mouse pointed position in the source.


      Now it doesn't work.


      Link below - section "Working in the Procedure Editor":



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          Gary Graham-Oracle



          It is true the right gutter's general scrolling window view capability no longer exists in 4.0.  However, if code errors exist, then small blue squares (uncompiled code) or slightly larger red rectangles (compiled code) appear in the gutter representing the relative positions of the bad code.  Hovering the mouse over those produces a pop-up display of the offending code and, in fact, the pop-up will not display if the Ctrl key is pressed at the same time. Of course, clicking on the rectangles or squares moves the editor's current line to that code as in earlier releases.


          So it is not clear whether this is merely the new, intended behavior, or if more of the prior behavior remains to be implemented in 4.0.  As far as I can tell, nothing important has been lost here, but that is just my opinion.




          SQL Developer Team

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