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    search feature is not working


      After logging into PIA, I can see the search box on the top of the left pane. When I enter any key word in the text box and hit start your search button (>>), I am ending with the message ‘the search returned no results. Either check your spelling or expand your search criteria’.
      Can anybody tell me what would be reason for this? I searched with all common words in PeopleSoft. 

      Should I have to install the SES?



      Peopletools 8.52

      HRMS 9.1

      Redhat linux 5.4

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          Michael Ghorius

          Try to run process Build Registry Search Index (Main Menu >> People Tools >> Portal)

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            Expanding on Michael's response.


            No you do not need to install SES.  8.52 supports SES but unless you are on the newest Feature Pack of HRMS 9.1 there is no SES delivered search indexes so you would need to create them all by hand.  HRMS 9.1 would have the delivered Verity search indexes.  You should probably confirm Verity was configured and depending on your configuration that your process scheduler is able to place the search indexes you build in a location that the app server can find them (if you are on the same server that should not be an issue).  Once Verity is running you can build the indexes you want by running the corresponding job.  As Michael indicated the Registry index can be run from that navigation. That will allow you to search for menu items.

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              Thanks you all. The same issue happend in my 8.53 enviornment too. I have run process Build Registry Search Index and the search folder is created under $PS_CFG_HOME . However,it doesn't work still. The app and web are on the same server.